Patmos Chapel 2015 to 2016 Ministry Leaders and Auxilliary List

One form per member will be counted.

Voting Eligibility

Question: Who is eligible to participate in the Nominating Process?

Answer: Members of Patmos Chapel.

Membership is defined by the following:

1. If you have been baptized and voted into membership
2. If you have transferred your membership by letter
3. If you have been received into membership by Profession of Faith
4. If your membership is currently retained by Patmos Chapel

Voting Instructions

1. Prayerfully select 17 individuals to serve on the Nominating Committee (a list of those who are currently serving with various departments is provided in the link above to assist you).

2. Those individuals who served on the last Nominating Committee cannot be nominated to serve this time (names provided).

3. Write their names on the lines provided below next to the numbers.

4. Persons nominated should be:

A. Of noble Christian character
B. Cooperative and non-divisive
C. Respectful of church leadership/church authority
D. A member in good and regular standing
E. Faithful in returning Tithes & Offering
F. Concerned about God’s church
G. Available to attend regular meetings with the Nominating Committee

5. Make every effort to be sensitive to gender, age, and cultural background. Try to be inclusive so as to reflect the makeup of the church.

Nominating Committee Selection Form

Nominating Committee Selection Form