The king of 

Babylon was 

troubled by a 

troubling dream. 

He called his 



me what it means.”

Enchanters and 

astrologers were 


but they too said, 

“Tell us your 

dream, and what 

it means will 

be interpreted.”

The king replied, 

“I have decided 

you must 

tell the dream, 

and rich rewards 

await you if you 

tell me 

what it means. 

If you can’t give 

me what I asked 

(for I am 

greatly troubled) 

I’ll cut you all in 

two and turn your 


into rubble.”

Once more his 

“wise men” 

pleaded with 

the King, “We 

will interpret it. 

If you relate to 

us the dream, 

we’ll gladly tell 


what it means.” 

The king of 

Babylon replied, 

“I’m certain that 


you have tried 

to do is just to 

stall for time. 

You’re hoping 

I will 

change my mind. 

“But if you can’t 

tell me the dream, 

you’ll die 

by my decree. 

If you don’t know

it, how can you 

interpret it 

for me?”

“No one on earth 

can do what you 

have asked,” they 

said, “O king. 

No king, however 

great, has ever 


for such a thing. 

“What you’ve 


is impossible for 

anyone to tell, 

for dreams are 

known by gods 

alone. With men, 

such gods, 

don’t dwell.”

The king, enraged, 

then ordered, “Let 

the days 

come to an end

of all wise men.” 

But this included 


and his friends. 

They asked the 

officer in charge, 

“Why such 

a harsh decree?”

He first explained, 

then he arranged 

for Daniel 

to be seen 

by King 


He went in and 

asked the king 

for time to learn 

the dream. He’d 

then interpret it 

for him. 

He then went home 

and called his 

friends, and they 

prayed fervently 

that God, Who 

knows all secrets, 

would reveal 

the mystery 

and spare their 

lives from certain 

death (by order 

of the king).

That night, in 

vision, God

revealed the 

mystery to him. 

Then Daniel 



“Praise to 

Your holy name 

forever and 

forever, Lord. 

You make the 

seasons change. 

You give the 

wisdom to the 

wise, reveal 


hidden things, 

give knowledge to 

discerning minds; 

take down 

and set up kings. 

“I praise and 

thank You, O my 

God, Who dwells 

above the heav’ns. 

The dream and its 

interpretation has, 

by You, 

been given. 

“You know what 

lies in 

darkness. Night 

is light to You. 

You dwell in light.”

By Lloyd McCalla